Building a sustainable future by enabling efficient energy usage through smart technology

Why we do it

We believe that it is important for us all to do what we can for the environment and that we all want to contribute by using energy as efficiently as possible. The problem is that we do not usually know how we could or should save energy, nor where to start from. It is important that we make the best actions for our situation when trying be energy efficient, unfortunately, without having the information we need this might not be possible.

The goal with smart meters is to raise the awareness about the cost of power and to encourage consumers to be more energy efficient. The smart meters are needed as a first step to provide consumers access to right and relevant information, enabling actions with best possible short and long term effects.

How we do it

The requirements for smart meters are changing, from one meter reading a month to readings every 15 minutes (moving down to ”almost real time”). As more frequent data is generated by the smart meters, security and privacy aspects become more and more important.

What we do

Comsel System is a product design and development company specialized in development and industrialization engineering for the energy sector. We offer our customers a full range of Internet of Things products and services.

What makes us different

Delivered data network consultancy service to the telecom sector since 1996

Launched its first Internet of Things TCP/IP product in 1997

Pioneered the AMR-market by providing a TCP/IP baser AMR-concentrator in 1998

Was the first in the Nordics to deliver a large scale GPRS-based TCP/IP AMR-solution in 2004

Successfully delivered more than one million metering points with TCP/IP-communication in the Nordic countries

Our history highlights

Launch of the Arctic charge app. The app is a way to charge electric vehicles both on publicly available chargers as well as chargers at home. The app is compatible with both Comsel ev chargers and Vaasan Sähkö Boostmate chargers.
Complete EV charging solution launched in co-operation with Vaasan Sähkö, for charging at home, apartments, or the office.
Vaasan Sähkö Oy acquires a stake in Comsel System, in order to strengthen their product development and meet the increasing interest and demand for energy solutions among their customers.
Water Utility company Närpes Vatten digitalize their operations with modern smart metering solution by Comsel System. Both Närpes Vatten and the end customers can optimize their water usage.
District Heating company Närpes Fjärrvärme chooses overall smart metering solution from Comsel System, for easier billing, analytics and optimizing operations with improved environmental sustainability.
Sinfra (National purchasing body in Sweden) and Comsel System sign framework agreement regarding metering services for energy utilities. With the agreement, Sinfra members are offered a flexible smart metering solution for electricity-, district heat-, water- and gas meters.
Comsel System delivers energy metering equipment to E.ON project LES Simris - the first local energy system in Sweden. Comsel System is a proud supplier of smart metering modules and service hub for energy metering in the LES Simris project.
Comsel Service Hub and Zodiac Smart Metering-modules have delivered over 65 million electricity and district heating measurements from installations in the Nordic countries. This is achieved with an SLA-level of 99.99%.
Launch of three new smart metering research & development projects, namely Comsel Service Hub (Smart Metering Service), Zodiac (Next generation Smart Metering terminal) and Neuron (IoT Sensor framework) to meet new market requirements.
Delivered GPRS TCP/IP-based metering points to different rollout projects in the Nordics, e.g. to two of the largest AMR-projects in Sweden (Fortum Sweden and E.On Sweden, approximately 1 million metering points).
Comsel started development of TCP/IP based remote acquisition and control/M2M (Internet of Things) CI/OS products, consisting of both embedded hardware and software. The main area for use of the CI/OS-products became remote reading of electricity-, district heating-, gas and water consumptions, i.e communication products for automatic meter reading, i.e. smart metering.
Operations in Stockholm, Sweden were established to focus on services in the area of data networks and communication.
Comsel System was founded in Vaasa, Finland. Initially, the operations comprised planning and implementation of electricity installations, data network services and development of automation equipment (embedded systems).